Why it is worth participating in WinDoor-tech



  • WinDoor-tech trade fair is a project of Grupa MTP designed to gather in one place and one time producers of windows, doors, gates and façade systems, as well as designers and representatives of  scientific environments with their customers.
  • This is the trade fair one of its kind because it takes on a comprehensive thematic scope of machines and components for this segment.
  • WinDoor-tech takes place in the same time as Budma, which causes and interesting business synergy. The participants of window, door and gate branch as exhibitors of Budma on the one hand meet with the purchasers of their ready-to-use products, and on the other hand - as visitors of new WinDoor-tech trade fair - may learn about a comprehensive offer of suppliers of technology and components for production.

"The branch of producers of windows and doors in Poland is very significant. We are also an important exporter of construction carpentry for Western European markets including Germany, France and UK. Strict technical norms as well as care about high quality of products causes that the interest in new trends and modern, efficient and energy-saving technologies is growing. Companies from construction carpentry sector taking part so far in Budma trade fair received the information about new trade fair enthusiastically. We are observing a significant growth in interest from new companies which consider Polish construction carpentry market especially attractive."

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